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Proper Prior Preparation

Got groceries last week. Now they’re about to go bad because I’ve been too sick to cook for days and days. And I used the one day I was well to try to meet my weekly work goal. Which I did. But how sustainable are my work goals if I’m choosing between things like work […]

Work goals

Last week I wanted to work for 4 hours. If I met my goal, I would have obtained a couple Luna albums. I didn’t meet my goal. I did a lot of stuff last week, stuff that needed to get done, stuff related to being sick. But I need to be able to manage day […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

The enormous cost of propping of the banks was justified by the refrain “too big to fail.” You know what’s really too big to fail? Ecosystems. Zen Faulkes wonders about the constant pressure to explain the relevance of your science: People love all sorts of things that aren’t relevant to them apart from their own […]