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Traditional values

From The Truth by Terry Pratchett: He knew about concerned citizens. Wherever they were, they all spoke the same private language, where “traditional values” meant “hang someone.”

The sword of Damocles

From The Truth by Terry Pratchett: “We could live like kings on a dollar a day, Arnold.” “What, you mean someone’d chop our heads off?” “No, I –” “Someone’d climb up inside the privy with a red-hot poker and –” “No! I meant –” “Someone’d drown us in a butt of wine?” “No, that’s dying […]

Origins of change

From The Truth by Terry Pratchett: “We’ve always looked beyond the walls for the invaders,” he said. “We always thought change came from outside, usually on the point of a sword. And then we look around and find that it comes from the inside of the head of someone you wouldn’t notice in the street. […]

Too much reading

From The Truth by Terry Pratchett: He was the younger son in any case, and family tradition sent youngest sons into some church or other, where they couldn’t do much harm on a physical level. But too much reading had taken its toll. William found that he now thought of prayer as a sophisticated way […]