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Do you really want to impeach Trump?

Impeaching Trump or backing out of Brexit won’t solve our problems. In both scenarios – impeachment or a second referendum – the suspicion of elites would become even greater, and the political alienation and economic marginalisation that contributed to it would still exist. That’s not a reason not to support them. It is a reason […]

There are no edges; the border is everywhere

The practice of centers taking control over their peripheries is as old as states, but it is not innocuous. When the federal government takes control of its periphery, it imposes a kind of alien rule, even on the familiar terrain of the homeland. What we miss, when we focus only on the outward face of […]

Voting with your dollars has some serious problems

Who needs city housing regulators when AirBnB can use data-driven methods to effectively regulate room-letting, then house-letting, and eventually urban planning generally? Why not let Amazon have its own jurisdiction or charter city, or establish special judicial procedures for Foxconn? Some vanguardists of functional sovereignty believe online rating systems could replace state occupational licensure—so rather […]

Staking a claim

In Laurie Penny’s most excellent review of Ivanka Trump’s book, she includes the following excerpt: Simply put, staking your claim means declaring something your own. Early in our country’s history, as new territories were acquired or opened—particularly during the gold rush—a citizen could literally put a stake in the ground and call the land theirs. […]

My self care is bad for congressional staffers

Waking up and reading the news makes me feel pretty bad. I’ve been dealing with that on and off through the years by writing letters to my elected officials. I don’t know that any of them every made a difference, but it does make me feel better. Lately, it seems like a lot of people […]