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Berry Go Round!

The latest edition of Berry Go Round is up at The Phytophactor.  I’m more than a little late with this announcement, but I promise it’s not because I’m bitter about missing the deadline with my Archeopteris post.  That would just be petty and, despite what my sister may tell you, I really don’t hold a […]

Spring Break, day 5: Lotusland part 1

The last morning of our trip, we went to Lotusland. Lotusland is an absolutely incredible garden. Ganna Walska, a mediocre opera singer and incredibly beautiful woman, built it with the money of the men who loved her. This isn’t just a garden. It’s art. We only got to spend a few hours there. I could […]

Spring Break, day 3

So I’ve written about the first two days of spring break already. It’s been over a month since the trip, so I thought I’d try to finish up this week. The third day of the trip was spent mostly in the van. No one died. We did stop to stretch our legs and get a […]