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Berry Go Round

The latest edition of Berry Go Round is up at Foothills Fancies.  Sally did a fantastic job of finding terrifically interesting posts (including my post on the fossil Archeopteris, of course).  One of my favorite submissions describes a potential identification for a very puzzling fossil from January’s Berry Go Round host. To show that I […]


You’ve likely seen or heard about Archaeopteryx, a very important transitional fossil showing the connection between birds and dinosaurs.  (Isn’t it annoying that ID folks and creationists claim no transitional fossils exist no matter how many are found?)  Archaeopteryx is pretty darn cool – it’s got feathers AND dinosaur teeth and claws.  Archaeopteryx is slightly […]

Berry Go Round 4

The 4th edition of Berry Go Round is up at Foothills Fancies.  If you don’t have time to go read all the awesome entries, highlights are below: Biodiversity and health issues at Seeds Aside. New seed fern fossils found where we didn’t expect them (in time) at the Ethical Palaeontologist. I’m very jealous that Fred […]