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Where did all my money go?

Several times a year, I look at my overall income and then my savings account and feel like a terrible, wasteful, spendy person. I think, given how much I’m making, I should have been able to save $X. And then I remember to factor in tuition and how much it went up again, and I’ve […]

Fighting over the scraps

There’s an article in the Raleigh paper on proposed changes to allocation of the sales tax to be more weighted in terms of population instead of location. It highlights some of the common issues with urban/rural divides, especially when it comes to inequality, and explains the changes clearly, in detail, and with historical context. Go […]

What’s more important, intention or result?

“If we continue to talk about tight labor markets as if that is a truly evil phenomenon,” the New York Fed president brooded in a 2000 meeting transcript, “we are going to convince the American people that what we believe in is not price stability, which is for the good of everybody, but a differentiation […]

But competition drives costs down!

once economic decisions are pictured as being made sequentially, as in real life, ownership patterns turn out to evolve through time in highly specific ways?— and they systematically gravitate toward precisely the kinds of patterns that generate indeterminacy of factor prices. As a result, the central problem with marginal productivity theory that John Hicks recognized […]

Somebody’s always starving in the free market

[Keynes’] fundamental innovation was the theory of effective demand: the idea that employment is set by total spending, so that the market system has no automatic tendency to settle on full employment. Keynes himself was keen to stress that the General Theory was radical only on that particular point, and that once the state intervened […]

But the math says free the market

All markets must be perfectly competitive (whereas most of ours are not); if such a world existed, the requirement of perfect competition would rule out any division of labor or long-run economic growth. There must be an infinite number of futures markets?— one for every good in existence, delivered at every future date, for the […]