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Happy organizing!

Your job won’t love you back, no matter what love you give it. But the people you work with will. Organizations know this, and the worst among them actively exploit the bonds between colleagues to extract more labour, correctly assuming that you’re more willing to tolerate bad work conditions to protect your friends. Luckily, the […]

Immigrants’ rights are workers’ rights.

Justice for Port Drivers is an organization fighting for the labor rights of port drivers. I got an email from them today about solidarity with immigrants fighting the recent cancellation of the Temporary Protected Status Program. From our shores to every store, port drivers are the first or last leg of the journey for what […]

All for one, and one for all

This systemic focus, crucially, does not inflate “racism” to make it explain all racial disparities, but understands that such inequalities are outcomes of many phenomena that interact with racism, yet cannot be reduced to only racism. These include technology, political economy, and cultural patterns. As early as 1964, for example, King presciently warned in Why […]

What you really mean to your employer

“You go out and buy a bag of screws, you’re confident they’re all going to work with very little exceptions,” he said. “People on the other hand… they are all over the map.” via No, manufacturing jobs won’t revive the economy –