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Simple surgery

I got to the ambulatory surgery center, soup and book in hand, expecting to wait perhaps half an hour then head home with a loopy friend. But sometimes a simple surgery isn’t so simple. Now, I’m waiting, worrying beside a too quiet hospital bed.


I’ve decided where I’m going to go to grad school! I’m very excited about the lab, the school, the new place. But I’m not excited about moving. Partly because of the actual pain of moving and partly because moving is going to be really expensive. Unfortunately, a lot of the work I need to do […]

In ‘Real’ Life

I’ve got lots to share with you – how my first grad school interview went, what I think of Anthony Trollope, culling my show collection, an ode to dendrochronology. But my head hurts today, so I’m just going to leave you with a list of bloggers I wish I could have coffee with. Kriti, Mike, […]

Glad I dug my umbrella out

Southern California is known for being sunny and warm. Of course, it’s chilly and pouring rain the weekend I’m visiting. I’d much rather the weather back home.

You must have Asperger’s

I’m an introvert. I’m also somewhat reserved and emotionally careful. By emotionally careful, I don’t mean I have a hard time trusting or loving people. I mean that when I feel something, I think about why I feel that way, and that why shapes my response. These particular aspects of my personality annoy or frustrate […]

Bookmans is back!

My favorite bookstore & cafe is finally open again. The roof collapsed and the whole store flooded in a big snowstorm last winter and they had to completely rebuild. I do all my best writing there, and am thrilled it’s open now – just in time for grad school apps.

Move Number One Completed!

Last week I made the first of two moves I’m making this summer.  It took two afternoons, many more trips than I expected, and four other people. I’m trying not to think about how soon I have to do it all again.  At least nearly everything will already be packed next time.  The day after […]