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Glad I dug my umbrella out


Southern California is known for being sunny and warm. Of course, it’s chilly and pouring rain the weekend I’m visiting. I’d much rather the weather back home.

My lovely walk to work last Monday

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  1. Gorgeous photo! And yes, that was a terrific day. Everyone on the bus was in awe and exclaiming how much they loved living in Flagstaff.

  2. It looks cold.

  3. What a wonderful commute!

    I like this photo – it’s inviting, like that could be a sidewalk heading into town, or out of town.

  4. The only time I have used an umbrella since moving to Colorado almost 3 years ago was on a trip to Boston this fall….but that’s almost expected. Too bad SoCal was gross while you were there.

    Hope the trip went well!

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