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Kitty Todd Nature Preserve

If you’re driving from Michigan to Pittsburgh, you’ll probably go through Ohio.  At least, that’s how the car-full of ecologists I was with did it.  Some people might advise you to find some (any) way around it. I had never been to Ohio before and was not particularly impressed from the highway, even though they […]

Prairie Fen

Also at MacCready Reserve is a prairie fen restoration project. Before I visited the reserve, I had never heard of a prairie fen. That’s pretty sad, because prairie fens are awesome.  Lots of people get excited about them because of their insect diversity, but I was more excited about the plants! First of all, what […]

What We Killed Thursday

Ascension Island is a teeny tiny island in the middle of nowhere.  However, you’ve almost certainly heard of it (or at least seen it on a nature show) since it’s one of the most important breeding grounds for seabirds in the tropical Atlantic.  It’s a relatively young island and so it is in a very […]