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Monday feminism

I really enjoy gender performance and the butch/femme dynamic, but a lot of people see butch/femme as a reenactment of sexist heterosexual relationship roles.  So I was excited to read Sublime Femme’s post The Feminist Fairytale about Butch/Femme.  Of course, I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s absolutely fantastic.  I tried to excerpt it here, but ended up […]

What I’ve noticed (back to normal edition)

Abortionclinicdays proposes that a special notice to patients be displayed in places where caregivers are allowed to refuse reproductive care to women if it interferes with their religious rights.  It begins”I follow my own religious beliefs ahead of your medical needs.  Therefore, I will not support, offer, or approve any of the following checked off […]

“pro-life” morality

Remember those gross pictures of genital warts from sex-ed? Genital warts are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV can also lead to cervical cancer. The governor of Texas tried to mandate the HPV vaccine, which is most effective before a person is exposed to the virus (in this case, before a person becomes sexually […]

Stop Dieting

Someone really needs to do something about companies like weight watchers. And our idea of fat people needs to change. Fat is not ugly or lazy or even unhealthy in many cases. And dieting does not work. There is a reason that fat people cannot stay thin after they diet and that thin people cannot […]