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ESA Interviews – Colin Kremer

I interviewed awesome ecologists at the 2011 Ecological Society of America meeting in exchange for reader donations, which paid for my conference attendance. This is one in a series of posts about those interviews. I met Colin Kremer several years ago at a research station in the middle of nowhere. It was a pretty idyllic […]

Some exciting talks on evolutionary rescue

Last summer, the Société Française d’Ecologie held a conference on evolutionary rescue – that is, can populations evolve themselves out of an environmental pickle? Some of the talks are here and they’re awesome. I’m supposed to be working on my ESA abstract, drafting my thesis proposal, and reading the first two chapters of an evolutionary […]

Happy Darwin Day!

Today I will finish up my application to Big Northern University, my last grad school app. After my sad rejection from a program I thought would be ideal for me, BNU has become my first choice. Three years ago, I never would have thought I would be working with someone in BNU prof’s particular subfield. […]

The crisis: put down the pruning shears

Part of applying to graduate school is figuring out who I want to work with and what questions I want to try to answer.  To do this, I’m reading a lot of papers.  I’d hate for all this paper reading to keep me from blogging, so I’ve decided to share some of the more interesting […]

Berry Go Round

The 28th Berry Go Round is a few days old now, but definitely still worth visiting.  Some of my favorites from this edition were Mary Farmer’s post on the relationship between a stunning tropical tree and extinct megafauna and a brief, but very good, article on terrestrial plant evolution. Want to submit to next month’s […]


I attended the very last lecture of my evolution class this semester last Friday.  Like all the rest of the lectures, it was impossibly dull.  This professor has made facts out of things I thought could never happen, like falling asleep during a lecture on sexual selection.  Despite my professor’s best efforts, however, I’m still […]