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Tree rings are fascinating and informative data, but the gazillions of formats used by different measurement and analysis programs can be a real pain in the ass.  Additionally, there are a plethora of reformatting programs that all do slightly different things.  Of course, many times none of them do exactly what you want.  I’ve often […]

Tree rings solve another mystery

A few weeks ago I wrote about how cool it is to be able to read the stories tree rings record, but I didn’t tell you any of those stories.  However, Ed Yong at Not Exactly Rocket Science describes a very old story that’s recently been translated: the fall of Angkor.  Scientists discovered two very […]

who’s gonna die?

Nothofagus dombeyi, or coihue, is a large tree that grows in the Andes. In the late 90s, northern Patagonia was hit with a pretty severe drought that killed many of these trees. So what was the difference between the trees that kicked it and the trees that are still going strong? Some trees constantly live […]

COFECHA and file format problems

I use a program called COFECHA to help crossdate trees. COFECHA uses some old school formats developed for punch-cards. Excel, which I used to make changes to ring widths, does not like these formats. There are lots of programs for changing formats, but it’s all a bit confusing. Many dendrochronology programs produce and use Compact/Precision […]