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What I’ve Noticed

Another reason not to use PayPal: they froze the WikiLeaks account. Natural disasters are pretty expensive for insurance companies. With climate change, you can bet your premium is going to go up faster and faster. And so is the cost of food. Yes, rich people are paying more in taxes. Because they’re getting richer. What […]

Figures Lie and Liars Figure – Goodbye, Glaciers

One of my aunts, a sharp lady I love dearly, is skeptical of climate change.  A few months ago, I sent her links to the IGBP Climate Change Index and an EPA slideshow describing some of the climate change indicators in the US.  This sparked a conversation on climate change that I’m making public because […]

Figures Lie and Liars Figure – Climate Change in 2007

My aunt has a hard time believing that climate change could be occurring. Her questions and concerns aren’t that different from many Americans’, so I’ve been responding to her here in a series called Figures Lie and Liars Figure.  You probably thought I was all done since my last post was more than a month […]

Figures Lie and Liars Figure – Drought and Precipitation

This is part three of a series that documents a conversation on climate change between my aunt (who is unsure that climate change is occurring) and myself. So far we’ve talked more about trust than actual science, but that’s about to change! My aunt had several questions after watching this EPA slideshow on climate change […]

Why this extinction isn’t like the others

Almost a month ago I told you I’d have more to say about Novacek and Cleland’s biodiversity crisis paper.  I’m sure you’re relieved to discover that I’m not a liar. Last time I wrote about this paper I focused on why we care about biodiversity from an evolutionary standpoint – how big extinction events prune […]

Figures Lie and Liars Figure – Who can you trust?

This is part two in a series based on questions, concerns, and misconceptions that my aunt (and many other people) have about climate change.  Last week, I posted about money concerns – that many people think scientists are making up this data to get rich or famous (a view perpetuated by the lovely senator from Oklahoma). […]

Studying for the GRE

I’m taking the GRE on Tuesday and have been studying the last few weeks in my copious free time.  Studying for the GRE is dull, but necessary.  For example, I know how to solve all the math problems I’ve come across so far – but I don’t necessarily know a fast or efficient way to […]