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Well that sounds familiar

What’ll you live on? You can’t work in a factory now.” “They’ve promised me a disability rating. I don’t know if it’ll be Group 2 or Group 3. “Which one is Group 3, then?” asked Kostoglotov. He didn’t understand these disability groups, or any other civil regulations for that matter. “It’s one of these groups […]

Privilege and fear

Fear! What nonsense! Looking back over his whole life, Rusanov could not find a single instance of cowardice to reproach himself with. Indeed, had there ever been anything for him to be afraid of? As a man he was not particularly brave, perhaps, but he could not call to mind an occasion when he had […]

When we are strong, healthy and prosperous

How he wanted to be cured! In spite of the numbing, obviously hopeless treatment, month after month and year after year — suddenly and finally to be cured! To have his back healed again, to straighten himself up, walk with a firm tread, be a fine figure of a man! “Hello, Ludmila Afanasyevna! I’m all […]

Like a man

Exhaustion and gloom pressed on him more and more heavily. Did he want someone to talk it over with? Or someone to complain to? Or just someone to have a heart-to-heart talk with, who might perhaps even show him a little pity? Of course he had read and heard that pity is a humiliating feeling: […]