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Mistletoe in a juniper tree

Continuing to wander through the park led me past this tree: How odd! It looks like it has two different colors of foliage. And the darker foliage seems to form very distinct clumps.  That’s weird enough to warrant a second glance.  A second glance reveals that those dark clumps aren’t part of this poor juniper […]

Identifying an Alligator Juniper to variety

I went for a walk around a park near my apartment today. After being indoors cooking and eating all day yesterday, a nice long walk on a cold winter day was absolutely perfect.  I was planning to do some work on my grad school applications when I got back, but ended up identifying the plants […]

Another Berry Go Round!

October’s Berry Go Round was posted last week and I only just now noticed.  A lucky turn of events since it was a fantastic distraction from today’s impending  migraine.  I had three favorites in this round of the carnival.  The first is on flowers that parasitize fungi complete with fantastic pictures of these weird, weird […]

Orange Jewelweed

When most people talk about Impatiens, they’re referring to Impatiens walleriana hybrids, which are popular shade annuals.  I didn’t know of any wild Impatiens until I came across this plant a few weeks ago on a walk in Pennsylvania: The flowers are quite different from any other Impatiens I’ve seen, but the leaves and watery, almost translucent […]