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What I’ve Noticed

More evidence that our drug policies are just wrong. Evolving to eat meat helped humans live longer. American evangelical influence is likely to cause Ugandan gays to be executed. How did health care reform turn into a subsidy for health insurance companies? It makes me livid when good ideas get shut down because politicians are more […]

What I’ve Noticed

Lights on how the Christian community accepts rapists and vilifies their victims. Green spaces make you healthier. I wonder if houseplants help. Banning abortion doesn’t make it rarer, but it does make it more dangerous: unsafe abortions kill 70,000 women a year.  A lack of access to contraceptives leads to 60 million unintended pregnancies a […]

HIV/AIDS in Brazil

The Brazilian government is working hard to deal with HIV/AIDS in their country and aren’t letting the drug companies push them around. “We consider the offer insufficient, and we told the manufacturer,” Brazil’s health minister, Jose Temporao, told Reuters on Thursday. “The decision (on whether to break the patent) is now being analyzed by the […]