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I walked it, I walked it, I walk it.

In That Year And in that year my body was a pillar of smoke and even his hands could not hold me. And in that year my mind was an empty table and he laid his thoughts down like dishes of plenty. And in that year my heart was the old monument, the folly, and […]

Heroes aren’t malingerers

I really hate that trope where one of our heroes is super sick or injured and to show how great they are the writers have them keep trying to get out of bed, push themselves, go against doctor/healer recommendations, etc.. Like, if you don’t push until you literally collapse, until your friends are tying you […]


For headache specialists, reducing the disorder to a specific mechanism in the brain doesn’t just relieve the symptoms of migraine [referring to development of Imitrex]; it also targets the stigma associated with it by shifting responsibility for the pain away from a weak or neurotic personality toward a body over which the patient has no […]

Why cheap patients are expensive for doctors

providing services to headache patients—no matter how needed they are—is often described as a money-losing proposition. The problem is twofold: headache medicine requires few procedures, while at the same time, necessitates long doctor-patient appoint­ments. This matters because in the United States reimbursement rates pay much higher dividends for procedures than “evaluation and management.” Joanna Kempner […]

I’m well, thanks.

The real loneliness is living among all these kind people who only ask one to pretend. Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence


Psychological explanations of migraine remain an extraordinarily popular trope in self-help books for migraine care. Take, for example, the most popular self-help book on this topic, Heal Your Headache: The 1.2.3 Program, by David Buchholz, a neurologist from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Buchholz recommends a strict treatment protocol for migraine prevention, which includes the […]