Live before you die

I planted a Hippeastrum cybister back in November. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it had a fungal infection. It is blooming today, but anemically. It hasn’t put up any leaves at all yet.The bulb is gradually softening as the fungus eats it. The amaryllis fought hard to bloom before the fungus got too far.

show blooming hippeastrum cybisterI love H. cybister because it looks like an insectoid alien, beautiful and threatening.

This is the second H. cybister I’ve tried to grow and the second that immediately succumbed to a fungus. I use sterilized soil and other plants in the same soil haven’t suffered, so I’m guessing I need to use better bulb suppliers. Or maybe H. cybister is particularly vulnerable to fungal infections or needs different care than other amaryllis’ I’ve cared for.

I’m going to try to rescue this one at the weekend. I’ll chop the stem, unpot it, cut away any infected parts and try to sterilize the surface, then plant it again in newly sterilized soil and pot.