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This is not a good look for Israel

In an attempt to counter the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, the Israeli government is using lobbies, spy agencies and think tank fronts to spy on and smear US college students that speak out against right-wing politics in Israel and fight for Palestinian rights . Students recounted in the documentary exactly what they faced. Summer […]

Once you get in a car it’s hard to get out

via GIPHY Many people equate car ownership and freedom. But cars are a trap for most of us. My relatives almost all live in car dependent areas. They typically think of themselves as relatively fit. Yet when I visit them or they me, they are so out of shape that the basic daily errands of […]

Music for cooking until you fall over

1000 Years of Classical Music : ABC Radio : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Notable pieces of classical music presented in chronological order with engaging historical context. Guaranteed to improve any tedious task.

The urban-rural divide is the fundamental political divide

Many longstanding rulers and parties still command massive support in rural areas where government control is greater, though more than half the population of Africa is predicated to live in towns and cities within 30 years. Youth alone is not enough to effect radical change, said Cheeseman. “The really important element is urbanisation. The biggest […]

Immigrants’ rights are workers’ rights.

Justice for Port Drivers is an organization fighting for the labor rights of port drivers. I got an email from them today about solidarity with immigrants fighting the recent cancellation of the Temporary Protected Status Program. From our shores to every store, port drivers are the first or last leg of the journey for what […]

Why I can’t write a good personal essay | Tenure, She Wrote

I wrote about how my understanding of disability has shifted from internal to external and how that’s affected my ability to get support. A little smarts and hard work and luck can’t make my chronically ill body “productive.” Even if they did, it would only make it alright for me – and that’s not good […]