Gravity's Rainbow

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October 21, 2018
by sarcozona

Music for cooking until you fall over

1000 Years of Classical Music : ABC Radio : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Notable pieces of classical music presented in chronological order with engaging historical context. Guaranteed to improve any tedious task.

I wrote about how my understanding of disability has shifted from internal to external and how that’s affected my ability to get support.

A little smarts and hard work and luck can’t make my chronically ill body “productive.” Even if they did, it would only make it alright for me – and that’s not good or fair. Telling those stories for so long made dealing with the reality of living-with-chronic-illness-under-capitalism/being disabled and past traumas really difficult. As soon as I decided the problem wasn’t me, but the response of people and systems to me, I stopped getting funding. As Dr. Sara Ahmed says, “when you expose a problem, you po

Source: Why I can’t write a good personal essay | Tenure, She Wrote