My self care is reading politicians’ bad press releases and bitching about them

Large crowd of protestors with signs in front of Trump tower on a cold, gray day in Vancouver, BC

via Flickr user Pretty Pants

Hey, I care about you and the world we live in. Here’s some of how I expressed that this week:

  • Let Chuck Schumer know he needs to take a page from the Tea Party book and engage in some serious obstructionism wrt Trump’s dangerous and dangerously ignorant cabinet picks. Told my senators to get on the obstruction game as well and use the whole 30 hours of floor debate time for all of the nominees.
  • Told my senators and reps that our refugee and immigration policies shouldn’t be racist as fuck and so incompetently deployed as to be destabilizing. Also reminded them that our totally fucked up foreign (military + economic) policy is a big part of the reason there are so many refugees and people wanting to immigrate and maybe they should fucking fix that. I also thanked my senators for some of the good policies they’ve supported in the past wrt immigration and refugees and for speaking out about this particular executive order.
  • Asked my rep to keep opposing the contingent in the house that’s trying to sell off our public lands, specifically HR 622. Since he’d mentioned protecting us from violent extremists in his immigration statement, I asked him to maybe get a handle on the increasing violent extremism and ideological movements on public lands (Bundy, etc). I also thanked him for voting against the specific rules change that makes it easier to sell off public lands.
  • Asked my senators to stop trying to break up the 9th Circuit Court so they can skirt the anti-discrimination and environmental protection baked into that court’s precedent.
  • Told my senators that Steve Bannon should in no way be on the NSC and maybe people whose goals are not to totally destroy the state would be more appropriate.
  • Told my senator to stop hawking for war with Russia and Iran because we’re already bombing too many countries.
  • Watched Auntie Mame in a state of horrified and cringing confusion. Read an endless succession of positive reviews and felt totally out of step with everyone in the world.
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