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Rebecca Solnit on men on ladies having opinions

It is a fact universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of an opinion must be in want of a correction. Well, actually, no it isn’t, but who doesn’t Rebecca Solnit on Literary Hub Rebecca Solnit is better at explaining things than I am.

You aren’t clever. You’re pedantic.

If I say something about math or stats or programming, I can look forward to getting well-actually-ed by a guy. This is especially common on the internet but happens rather often in non-screen mediated interactions, too. It seems that if I don’t copy my point straight out of a textbook, it’s so wrong they must […]

Drake the feminist comic

I just love this song by Drake where he pretends to be the entitled and clueless ex-lover of a gorgeous and wildly successful woman. While on the surface this appears to be about a man saddened by a breakup, anything more than the most superficial attention to the lyrics reveals the story of a man […]

Your opinion is fringe

Source: The Purple Election Map | Observer I often see conservatives complaining about how their views are decried as “fringe,” that the only people who don’t recognize the normality of their worldview are those in liberal, coastal cities. The problem is, there aren’t really that many people outside of those liberal, coastal cities (especially if […]

Out of my head

TRAILER: Out of My Head from Human Arts Association on Vimeo. Out of My Head is still in progress. I can’t wait for it to be done. Since it’s Giving Tuesday, maybe you’ll donate your afternoon coffee money to help finish the film?