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While you’re waiting for the bus


Owning the bitch: negative repercussions of constant positivity while chronically ill

What’s Cool Got To Do With It? “a ‘homie’ who borrows enough creative stuff, and sanitizes it to make herself more dangerous while allowing white america to mock and enjoy street artforms without having to deal with looking at actual black people who might be poor is unintentionally slowing down the arrival of the ‘whole new world.'”

Is This New Swim Stroke the Fastest Yet? Swim like a fish!

Dying California forests offer a glimpse into climate change.

Validation of potential candidate biomarkers of drug-induced nephrotoxicity and allodynia in medication-overuse headache

Labor Shortage? Have You Tried Paying More?

So the magic Free Market Fairy will keep our food and drugs safe.
The free market looks like dead and mutant babies

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