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While you’re waiting for the bus

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I have learned that there are people who do not like Björk. Now that I have recovered from my initial shock, I have a few questions: How can this possibly happen? How can we support these poor souls in their bleak, empty lives?

Class jumping

I used to think cheese meant pre-wrapped slices of American cheese. Now I’m torn over whether to have oka or smoked havarti on my veggie sandwich.

When we are strong, healthy and prosperous

How he wanted to be cured! In spite of the numbing, obviously hopeless treatment, month after month and year after year — suddenly and finally to be cured! To have his back healed again, to straighten himself up, walk with a firm tread, be a fine figure of a man! “Hello, Ludmila Afanasyevna! I’m all […]

A surprisingly awful thing about triptans

I’ve found doctors tend to brush off most complaints about side effects, despite how unpleasant they can be all on their own. Even many innocuous side effects are very difficult when combined with the symptoms of illness or a particular lifestyle. For example, many triptans have a strong diuretic effect. For me, this kicks in […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Owning the bitch: negative repercussions of constant positivity while chronically ill What’s Cool Got To Do With It? “a ‘homie’ who borrows enough creative stuff, and sanitizes it to make herself more dangerous while allowing white america to mock and enjoy street artforms without having to deal with looking at actual black people who might […]