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While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading Female amputees grapple with prosthetics for men Good examples of how designing for non “default” identities is good for everyone. A subtle way to over-fit Roxane Gay: Margaret Sanger, a Women’s Fighter – Nancy Drew and the Case of the Slow Program Brendan Gregg’s great picture of Linux observability tools It’s […]

That’s not my migraine

This photo is used in article after article about migraine and it drives me nuts. It is of an actual person having an actual attack, but I don’t think it’s at all a representative image for the disease. Shining a light at my face like that – even with my eyes closed – would be […]

Fighting over the scraps

There’s an article in the Raleigh paper on proposed changes to allocation of the sales tax to be more weighted in terms of population instead of location. It highlights some of the common issues with urban/rural divides, especially when it comes to inequality, and explains the changes clearly, in detail, and with historical context. Go […]

In which another person assumes I do not know things

Tonight I was talking to someone working their way through Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, but finding it slow going. I mentioned that, while I hadn’t read it, I was familiar with it, and I understood its major contribution to be the weight of evidence brought to bear on the (not entirely new) thesis. […]

Strike while the iron is hot/Pace yourself

I had a few hours last night before bed without a migraine. I wanted so badly to stay up and take advantage of the time I was feeling well. But I didn’t – I kept my strict migraine-preventing sleep schedule. Or at least I tried to.  Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I’d […]