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Why low pay for trainees is a feminist issue

Scientists get paid like shit in grad school and things don’t improve much when you’re a post doc. This pushes women (and men – but mostly women) who want families out of science. Just listen to the brilliant Claudia Alexander lay it out. “I was never able to find the right mix of work and […]

I am never busy

I am never busy. My to-do list is long and it grows every day I spend in bed with a migraine. But I never feel harried; I don’t even allow myself to rush. A departure from calm leads to migraine attack, a return to calm leads to migraine attack.  Busyness leads to migraines directly, through […]

New (now old) post on TSW

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Software Sustainability Institutes’s proposed changes in software development in science over on Tenure, She Wrote.

Migraine log – October

It’s been some time since I did a migraine log. Let’s slog through some data. Frequency Back when I did my last migraine log at the end of May, I was all aflutter about topamax, which I’d started 6 weeks before. I’ve had some serious ups and downs (downs and downs?) with it since then. […]