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October 27, 2014
by sarcozona

Good chronic pain and illness management

I’ve warned you off potentially bad chronic pain management programs and asked you to join a project improving a widely used program in North America. But if you’re looking for help right now, that isn’t very useful. So, here are … Continue reading

9 Things That Reveal How Airbnb Lets Rich People Run a Bunch of Illegal Hotels

Tracking one hundred students

The iPad Air 2 Has Its Own SIM So You Change Carriers Whenever You Want

Controversial: Should Workers Be Paid For Time They Spend at Work?

When is a pumpkin not a pumpkin?
Pumpkin disambiguation

The Real Cost of Prescription Drugs
“Real cost”

Aim high, even if you fall short

Cartoon: Police practicality

A little knowledge: The significance of expertise passed on by direct contact
Methods sections in most papers don’t get you close to replication

October 12, 2014
by sarcozona

Migraine Memory

My memory is strange lately. I was talking to someone last weekend about my mother’s visit to Epiphyte City awhile ago. Then a few nights later, on the phone with her, she brought it up and I did not remember … Continue reading

Stuff worth reading

Comment on Toxic academic mentors by GermanPostdoc
Bad supervisors have extraordinary power over people’s careers in academia

Frameworks for Understanding the Future of Work

Adobe’s e-book reader sends your reading logs back to Adobe—in plain text.
Considering how much of the ebook market is of the rather naughty variety, this is extra awful.

Step Inside the World’s Most Dangerous Garden (If You Dare).

The Ebola Patient Was Sent Home Because of Bad Software

How Do Your Drinking Habits Compare To The Rest Of The Country’s?
That’s a lot

Scenes from the New American Dustbowl.
The water isn’t coming back.

The Importance of Music to Girls. Trying to “protect” your favorite bands from t…

What’s Wrong With “America’s Ugliest Accent”
“Maybe it’s not always about class, but it’s never really about language. It’s about the kind of people who speak it.”

Let’s stop mixing up education and social capital
“It’s not what you learn at these expensive schools that matters, it’s the social capital that you accumulate”

Most People With Addiction Simply Grow Out of It

Fashion this


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