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Political engagement isn’t just voting

In the spring of 1963, the rate of unemployment for whites was 4.8 percent. For nonwhites it was 12.1 percent. According to government estimates, one-fifth of the white population was below the poverty line, and one-half the black population was below that line. The civil rights bills emphasized voting, but voting was not a fundamental […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading Thomas Piketty Is Right People who obsessively exercise are boring This week I did the first 3 steps of a couch-to-5K program and I don’t have a migraine and I’m not impossibly tired and I’m really proud. I’ve been sick for a long time and it took a long time to get […]

It’s history, but it’s not irrelevant

REGISTRAR: What do you want? CRAWFORD: I brought this lady down to register REGISTRAR: (after giving the woman a card to fill out and sending her outside in the hall) Why did you bring this lady down here? CRAWFORD: Because she wants to be a first class citizen like ya’ll. REGISTRAR: Who are you to […]

Still want to cut food stamps?

Desperate people were not waiting for the government to help them; they were helping themselves, acting directly. Aunt Molly Jackson, a woman who later became active in labor struggles in Appalachia, recalled how she walked into the local store, asked for a 24-pound sack of flour, gave it to her little boy to take it […]

First Amendment Protections

Local authorities passed laws to stop them [the IWW] from speaking: the IWW defied these laws. In Missoula, Montana, a lumber and mining area, hundreds of Wobblies arrived by boxcar after some had been prevented from speaking. They were arrested one after another until they clogged the jails and the courts, and finally forced the […]

When your meds make you fat

I like to think of myself as accepting of all body types, not discriminating based on someone’s size or shape. Then I started taking flunarizine in an attempt to get my migraines under control. A side effect of flunarizine is weight gain. (Some research suggest it does so by causing leptin resistance.) My doctor told […]