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Be flexible, but not too flexible

I need a routine to stay happy and productive, but migraines tend to throw my carefully planned days into disarray. This is ironic because routine is one of the best ways to prevent migraines. I wrote about a plan I made for sticking to routines that are constantly interrupted by migraine attacks. After a few […]

But the math says free the market

All markets must be perfectly competitive (whereas most of ours are not); if such a world existed, the requirement of perfect competition would rule out any division of labor or long-run economic growth. There must be an infinite number of futures markets?— one for every good in existence, delivered at every future date, for the […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading The End of the Region as we know it – 3 Ugh If it’s hocus pocus then it’s not math How to season a cast iron pan But lard tastes really good Daniel Moss: Public Water Systems Can Help the War on Poverty Really enjoying these On the Commons posts Robert Reich: […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading I’m writing a book called Weapons of Math Destruction I want this book Michael Klare: The Death of Peak Oil? If only peak oil had come in time to save us from climate change Dating After Divorce – Dating Advice Sometimes relationships change The Marxist plot against West Virginia Beautifully Accurate Glass […]

Racism and sexism will fuck your movement

Blacks had tied themselves to the Republican party, the party of Lincoln and civil rights laws. The Democrats were the party of slavery and segregation. As Goodwyn puts it, “in an era of transcendent white prejudice, the curbing of ‘vicious corporate monopoly’ did not carry for black farmers the ring of salvation it had for […]

Navigating academia when you’re poor

Yesterday I wrote a post for Tenure, She Wrote about what it’s like being poor in academia, what you can do to increase your odds of success when you are poor, and how to support poor graduate students. It really seemed to resonate with a lot of people, both poor and not. I’d encourage you […]