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September 9, 2013
by sarcozona

this aqueous vapour is a blanket more necessary to the vegetable life of England than clothing is to man. Remove for a single summer-night the aqueous vapour from the air which overspreads this country, and you would assuredly destroy every plant capable of being destroyed by a freezing temperature. The warmth of our fields and gardens would pour itself unrequited into space, and the sun would rise upon an island held fast in the iron grip of frost.

Tyndall in  The Emerald Planet by David Beerling

August migraine data

September 2, 2013 by sarcozona | 0 comments

I had a shit ton of migraines in August. Fortunately by taking a triptan (relpax seems to work better than others for me) and/or 800mg ibuprofen & 1000mg tylenol when I get a migraine, I can usually guarantee that I’m not in extraordinary pain. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I’m well enough to work. Migraines make me very stupid.monthlymigraines

I also took the time to break down my migraines by week and treatment. Unfortunately, the only thing I’ve tried in the last year that’s seemed to tamp down my migraines also made me sleep 10-17 hours a day, gain 10 pounds, and regularly caused half my body to go numb and tingly. Fun times. Honestly, I was so fuzzy and drowsy the entire time I was on amitriptylene that I’m not sure if it really reduced my migraines or if I just slept through or forgot to record many of them.

Numbers are daily migraine frequency per treatment.

Numbers are the fraction of days during a treatment that I had a migraine.

Fingers crossed for the new treatment I’m trying this month!

September 2, 2013
by sarcozona

It is easy to forget that natural history museums are dynamic entities preserving not only the spectacular dinosaur skeletons adorning the magnificent display halls, but also preserving and cataloguing the dramatic story of how plants evolved.

From The Emerald Planet by David Beerling