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While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading Fork in the road: Cyanogen raises $7 million to build a better version of Android A Brief History of Slash The New Deal We Didn’t Know Physics student makes amazing Bohemian Rhapsody cover Grad students do all the best work “Google can access most Wi-Fi passwords worldwide” On the upside, when the […]

Moving in

she suffered from the personality of the house, the punishment of those who collect their lives together. Unconsciously at first, she went about disturbing nothing, then she became aware that her soft and careful movements were the outcome of an unreasoning fear—if she disarranged anything, Robin might become confused—might lose the scent of home. From […]

I’m not the only one

If you liked my post last week on navigating academia with a chronic illness, you may also appreciate these: Sarah Boon writes about taking medical leave after getting tenure. Chris Buddle on slowing down after an injury

While you’re waiting for the bus

Stuff worth reading hoagland goes north Is the CIA on Its Way to Hacking the Sky? Can’t believe how this article doesn’t mention that the sulfur dioxide option does nothing to stop ocean acidification. Human manipulation of the climate might be the quickest way to combat global war… We are so fucked Next quarter is […]