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The Onion Predicts Real Life on NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission

Thoughts on the love affair with buses More trains please, and stop whining about the cost

Can Free Transit Work in a Real City?

Railway files for bankruptcy after crash So many companies use this trick – shift assets to a new company, declare bankruptcy, and leave destroyed communities and environments in the lurch.

Bondholders sue US city over mortgage debt The bailout by the Feds was supposed to help homeowners, but the banks took the money and ran. Now banks are fighting local governments’ efforts to deal with the mess they left behind.

Must-see Design Destinations – 5 I want to live here.


Habitat 67, Montreal

Identity Loss, a Chronic Migraine Symptom

Patent life: how the Supreme Court fell short Why scientific literacy is a big fucking deal

The Tallest Slum On Earth We are doing things so wrong when we have both homeless people and empty homes.

A Slice for My Toddler, a Reality Check for Me

Baltimore Cornish house
Baltimore Cornish house

August 5, 2013
by sarcozona

Gurus, who, I trust you know, are Indian teachers, expect you to contemplate the acorn ten years at a stretch, and if, in that time, you are no wiser about the nut, you are not very bright, and that may be the only certainty with which you will come away, which is a post-graduate melancholy—for no man can find a greater truth than his kidney will allow.

From Nightwood by Djuna Barnes

Stuff worth reading

Why YouTube buffers: The secret deals that make—and break—online video. “Verizon has chosen to sell its customers a product that they hope those customers don’t actually use”

Science to be key factor in lawsuit against oil and gas companies for coastal loss Long term monitoring is important for science – and good for our communities.

Outgrowing the Traditional Grass Lawn A conventional lawn is a complete perversion of grass’s typical life cycle.

TSA Is Making Airport Valets Search Your Trunk No 4th amendment rights anywhere near the airport

Feeding Animosity Why I didn’t go to your party

Submitted as an Affidavit of Material Support for Lynne Stewart

August 2, 2013
by sarcozona

The landlady had always been impressed with the ability to pay. When she found a stream of wealth, she followed it to its source and before long, it was not distinguishable from her own. She felt that the money she paid out in taxes returned to all the worthless pockets in the world, that the government not only sent it to foreign niggers and a-rabs, but wasted it at home on blind fools and on every idiot who could sign his name on a card. She felt justified in getting any of it back that she could, money or anything else, as if she had once owned the earth and been dispossessed of it.

Flannery O’Conner in Wise Blood

Same old, same old

August 1, 2013 by sarcozona | 0 comments


June and July look just the same, but July felt better. The pain was less intense and my mood better. I’ll take what improvements I can get.

If you’re paying close attention to these graphs, you’ll notice that the numbers for September – December are higher than they were in previous versions. That’s because I was only recording the start date of my migraines then and not including the entire length of the migraine (often 2-4 days). So this is a corrected version.