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The Onion Predicts Real Life on NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission

Thoughts on the love affair with buses More trains please, and stop whining about the cost

Can Free Transit Work in a Real City?

Railway files for bankruptcy after crash So many companies use this trick – shift assets to a new company, declare bankruptcy, and leave destroyed communities and environments in the lurch.

Bondholders sue US city over mortgage debt The bailout by the Feds was supposed to help homeowners, but the banks took the money and ran. Now banks are fighting local governments’ efforts to deal with the mess they left behind.

Must-see Design Destinations – 5 I want to live here.


Habitat 67, Montreal

Identity Loss, a Chronic Migraine Symptom

Patent life: how the Supreme Court fell short Why scientific literacy is a big fucking deal

The Tallest Slum On Earth We are doing things so wrong when we have both homeless people and empty homes.

A Slice for My Toddler, a Reality Check for Me

Baltimore Cornish house
Baltimore Cornish house

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