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When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland Actually, Miley’s dance was newsworthy.

The Federal Budget Is Like Your Family’s Budget!federal-vs-famiily-budget

Mothers are not ‘opting out’ – they are out of options – Opinion The revival of old fashioned hobbies is (to some extent) about maintaining identity and creativity while living in poverty

Like so many movements born in times of economic ruin, homebirth is presented by the media as a lifestyle trend, a return to “natural living” much like the rise of bicycling (cannot afford a car), “shabby chic” (cannot afford new clothes or furniture), and gardening (cannot afford fresh produce). Desperate or pragmatic economic decisions are rationalised with moral superiority. In the post-employment economy, “opting out” is often code for “cannot afford a job”.

Pinching Pensions to Keep Wall Street Fat and Happy. Contracts only protect those who can afford the better lawyers

Doctor Science Knows: Gay-hatin’ and Subtractive Masculinity.

Figurative Wood Sculptures by Willy Verginer

Figurative Wood Sculptures by Willy Verginer wood sculpture

Nicest rejection ever Academia has a huge problem. Now new PhDs are being denied entry level jobs that’re supposed to last 1-2 years because of competition from people who’ve been in those sorts of jobs for many years.

Don’t Fly During Ramadan

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