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Being prepared is a waste of time

When it comes to getting your travel reimbursements anyway. I complained last summer about the complicated process and long time frame for getting reimbursed for conference travel. My funding came from several sources that each required a different application. The applications could not all be filed at once and forgotten about – there was a […]

While you’re waiting for the bus

Why are so many women-in-science events actually about leaving science and having babies? Good science journalism can help scientists get their work done. The oldest pine cone ever found. The president of the World Bank editorializes about the need for climate change mitigation. The IEA tells us how to fix climate change, or at least […]

The poetry of leaves

A leaf is filled with chambers illuminated by gathered light. In these glowing rooms photons bump around and the leaf captures their energy, turning it into the sugar from which plants, animals, and civilizations are built. Chloroplasts, fed by sun, water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients, do the leaf’s work. They evolved about 1.6 billion years […]

On building something better than the English

From Nikolai Leskov’s short story The Left-handed Craftsman: ” … for the English aren’t fools but a very clever people and their craftsmanship has a good deal of sound common sense behind it. One can do nothing against the English,” they said, “without careful consideration, but with the Lord’s blessing we may be able to […]