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Too poor to pay taxes

Conservatives I know keep bitching about how half of Americans don’t pay taxes.* I think their position here is kind of horrible: they see “46% of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes” and demand that they pay “their fair share.”** Isn’t a better question why are half of Americans so poor they can’t pay income […]


Owens, writing in The Reproductive Biology of Lodgepole Pine, says The genus Pinus has about 108 species but the actual number is uncertain and the taxonomy of the family unsettled. What he means is OMG! Why are you so complicated, pine trees?

Berry Go Round #51

Now that the days are long and the sun is out again, I’ve been spending as much time as I can outside. This is my first spring in Epiphyte City and I’ve got a lot of new plants to learn. You wouldn’t know all the botanizing I’ve been doing by looking at my blog, but […]

ESA Interviews – Ana Elisa Perez-Quintero

I interviewed awesome ecologists at the 2011 Ecological Society of America meeting in exchange for reader donations, which paid for my conference attendance. This is the last – but certainly not the least – in a series of posts about those interviews. I met Ana-Elisa through the SEEDS program. Every year, ESA’s SEEDS program brings […]