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Math is hard sometimes

An excised snippet of my conversation with Colin Kremer in which I expertly employ hyperbole in the description of a math course and Colin gets nostalgic about math homework. Math Freakout [mp3, ~1 minute]  

ESA Interviews – Colin Kremer

I interviewed awesome ecologists at the 2011 Ecological Society of America meeting in exchange for reader donations, which paid for my conference attendance. This is one in a series of posts about those interviews. I met Colin Kremer several years ago at a research station in the middle of nowhere. It was a pretty idyllic […]

Another reason not to read Willpower

I’ve criticized Baumeister and Tierney’s Willpower for it’s lack of substance. It’s also pretty sexist. Sir Henry Morton Stanley is introduced as a paragon of self-control with these lines: If self-control is partly a hereditary trait – which seems likely – then Stanley began life with the genetic odds against him. He was born in […]

Time management in grad school

The next ESA interview I’ll post is with Colin Kremer, one of my favorite people on the planet. We talked all about why he’s an ecologist and some of the cool stuff he works on, but also spent some time catching up and talking about grad school. In the short snippet below, he turns the […]