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Santa baby

Based on the title, I bet you expected this to be a post about shoes. It isn’t, but now that you’re all excited, I’d hate to disappoint: As lovely as these shoes are, they aren’t what you should get me for Christmas. What I’d really like is an end to street harassment. When I put […]

I really didn’t mean to buy those shoes

I usually have great self control, even when it comes to one of my biggest temptations – beautiful shoes. I can go months and months just window shopping, with hardly a twinge of pain when I leave without a new pair. But all that goes out the window after a bad migraine. As ridiculous as […]

Plus Minus – On screwing up a presentation

I gave a presentation at a small conference this weekend on an idea I have for trying to solve a really cool problem. The presentation went really well and conversations with other people at the conference helped me refine the idea and make me more confident about pursuing it. So the informal questions and discussion […]