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Pretty things

I am in an excellent mood today, the kind of mood that perfectly matches these cheerful summer shoes:

Be careful what you eat

Sorry if you were disappointed when you tried to watch the video I posted earlier today. Apparently a few short clips from a movie paired with a lovely song in a new creative work was too much for the copyright to handle. To make up for that and some fairly dry explanations in my recent […]

What’s wrong with community ecology?

From Karban and Huntzinger’s How to Do Ecology: A Concise Handbook: Since manipulative experiments in ecology today are almost always conducted at spatial and temporal scales smaller than our ideal, it is worth considering what effect this has on our worldview. Small-scale experiments have led us as a group to believe in local determinism, that […]

Everything is ok

Everything is okay, but I am very sleepy. Hospitals may make sick people well, but they sure do drain the life out of the well! Luckily, I can spare an afternoon for napping.

Simple surgery

I got to the ambulatory surgery center, soup and book in hand, expecting to wait perhaps half an hour then head home with a loopy friend. But sometimes a simple surgery isn’t so simple. Now, I’m waiting, worrying beside a too quiet hospital bed.

Spring is back!

It may have snowed twice last week, but spring is definitely back today. Hooray for pretty dresses and sandals!