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The new conservatives

From The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope: Melmotte might become as it were a Conservative tribune of the people, – that he might be the realization of that hitherto hazy mixture of Radicalism and old-fogyism, of which we have lately heard from a political master, whose eloquence has been employed in teaching us […]

Not my size

Figuring out the right size clothing is pretty complicated as a woman because the sizes are not at all standardized. But having to try on 3 different pairs of pants at the store isn’t my biggest problem – finding my size at all at an affordable price is. Because less expensive brands tend to run […]

Anecdote vs. data

Someone I know said something ridiculous to me. I sent them a fun, simple article with some data that showed the silliness of their belief, nicely. They responded: Not enough time to read the article thoroughly (and I know you will think that is the problem why I don’t see things your way, but remember, […]

A woman who had fought a duel

From The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope: Was it not his duty, as a man, to tell everything to herself? To speak to her thus: – ‘I am told that your life with your last husband was, to say the least of it, eccentric; that you even fought a duel with him. I […]

Humiliation relived

From The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope: Who does not know that sudden thoughtfulness at waking, that first matutinal retrospection, and pro-spection, into things as they have been and are to be; and the lowness of heart, the blankness of hope which follows the first remembrance of some folly lately done, some word […]