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Queer Fashion

What I love about queer fashion is that it forces people to acknowledge that we’re all wearing costumes.  But at least we queers like ours.

Sometimes Spam is Brilliant

I glance at the spam akismet catches every once in awhile just to make sure it isn’t eating any valid comments.  Most of it is nonsensical, dull, and/or incredibly long lists of links to bad porn sites.  But every once in awhile, a spam comment is amazing. For example: There could be frogs that possess […]

Cookies for Christmas

Some very lucky people who read this blog have a package on the way.  Bet you can’t guess what’s inside! Making lots of cookies to give to people I love is one of my favorite things about the winter holidays, even if it does lead to a kitchen covered in flour and powdered sugar.  This […]

Getting wireless to work in Ubuntu with a Broadcom 4306 (rev 3)

After a few weeks of tinkering, the wireless is finally working in Ubuntu on the laptop my aunt sent me. My new (old) laptop is a Dell Inspiron 9200 with a Broadcom 4306 (rev 3) wireless card.  In theory, all I needed to do to get the wireless working was grab the firmware and activate […]

Understanding comes too late

Nothing thrills the Waorani more than killing game and cutting down big trees. It’s what so many people don’t understand who haven’t lived in the forest. You don’t have to conserve what you don’t have the power to destroy. Harming the forest is an impossible concept for them. The fact that they use every part […]

Bookmans is back!

My favorite bookstore & cafe is finally open again. The roof collapsed and the whole store flooded in a big snowstorm last winter and they had to completely rebuild. I do all my best writing there, and am thrilled it’s open now – just in time for grad school apps.

Lunchtime reading

You know a paper [pdf] is going to be good when it starts like this: The literature is replete with models and ideas about the maintenance of species diversity. This review is about making sense of them. There are many commonalities in these models and ideas. The ones that could work, that is, the ones […]