Tweeple & Some Exciting News (For Me, Not You)

I had grand plans of posting lots of substantial, thought provoking posts this week. But then one of the people I want to work with for grad school emailed me back and wants to meet via Skype (yay tech savvy potential advisors!) to talk about potential projects. So, instead of writing blog posts that are so good you have to share them on every social network ever, I’m reading lots of really cool papers.  Exciting for me, but maybe not for you.  At some point in the future I will blog about the most exciting of the very exciting papers I’m reading right now.

Until then, here are some funny things people said on twitter:

@dorothysnarker Tax cuts for millionaires for 2yrs. Unemployment benefits for the poor for 1yr. Don’t worry, trickle down will start working any second now.

@brothers My mother forwarded a kernel security advisory to me this afternoon.#helicopterparents @djrbliss

@GeekPornGirl My sweetheart: “Honey, stop wasting water. There are dolphins out flopping around in parking lots because they don’t have enough water.”

@oliviawilde Harajuku in Tokyo is like a runway where all the models are small and from the future, and you are a large white oaf from the dark ages.