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Figures Lie and Liars Figure – Climate Change in 2007

My aunt has a hard time believing that climate change could be occurring. Her questions and concerns aren’t that different from many Americans’, so I’ve been responding to her here in a series called Figures Lie and Liars Figure.  You probably thought I was all done since my last post was more than a month […]

Femme Friday – Grant Writing Edition

So there’s this grant proposal I’ve been tinkering with on and off for the last few months, but haven’t really pulled together yet.  I thought it was due November 15.  I met with my boss Wednesday to discuss ways to frame our project.  She reminded me of some administrative paperwork I’d need to do before […]

Redirect – Yoga edition

After almost a month of breaking my morning yoga routine because of migraines and busyness, I pretended that all my looming deadlines didn’t exist this morning and got back into it.  I sounded like a bowl of rice crispies with a megaphone, but it was lovely.  Despite the time I “lost” doing yoga this morning, […]


Today I’m stuck doing a bit of data analysis that I think is useless, but it’s faster to do the analysis and show how pointless it is than to explain to my advisor why it’s pointless.  Plus, there’s a teeny teeny tiny chance I’m wrong in my predictions about the outcome.  That would be embarrassing. […]


I haven’t had much time for writing substantive blog posts lately and right now is no exception.  In fact, the next month probably won’t be an exception.  I know this is pretty heartbreaking for you all.  So, until I get back to my regular awesome blogging, I’ll be pointing you to some blogs you may […]