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Twice the fire

The fire doubled in size yesterday and the Incident Management Team expects it will take weeks to fight. I’m supposed to move this Thursday – I’m hoping that the smoke doesn’t get too bad in town and that we don’t get evacuated.

Fire season

The town I live in is surrounded by forests that are far too dense due to decades of fire suppression. May and June are warm, very dry, and windy. This combination makes for fast, hot fires. The picture above is from a fire that started about two hours ago.

What I’ve Noticed

Frank Fenner thinks we’ll go the way of the Easter Islanders in the next 100 years.  I disagree that humans will go extinct, but I agree that we’ve waited far too long to address energy and population issues to avoid dramatic and involuntary reduction in our population.  And it’s already happening: resource competition, exacerbated by […]

Racism in AZ

I’ve written a few times now about Arizona’s new immigration law.  What I haven’t focused on so much is the very acceptable racism in Arizona.  I’ve noticed it most at coffee shops when I overhear conversations.  From the Bible study group to the AA accountability partners to the crunchy granola hippies, I’ve heard Hispanic people […]