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Her skin, saffron toasted in the sun, eyes darting like a gazelle. —That god who made her, how could he have left her alone? Was he blind? —This wonder is not the result of blindness: she is a woman, and a sinuous vine. The Buddha’s doctrine thus is proven: nothing in this world was created. […]

Berry Go Round #26

Welcome to the 26th edition of Berry Go Round!  February was a botanical box of chocolates, but this month is the much anticipated herald of spring.  So what if the crocuses are just beginning to peek above the soil on my mountain and it’s going to snow two days this week?  This Berry Go Round […]

How do you ascend?

From Karen Armstrong’s A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Although it is clearly culturally conditioned, this kind of “ascent” seems an incontrovertible fact of life.  However we choose to interpret it, people all over the world and in all phases of history have had this type of contemplative experience.  Monotheists […]

What I’ve Noticed

Women in Afghanistan are setting themselves on fire in astonishing numbers.  Getting child marriage banned must be higher on our list of priorities. Think you’re not going to get into grad school this year?  Toaster Sunshine has some words of wisdom for you. A review of acupuncture’s effect on heart rate variability. Conclusion: bullshit. On comparing Obama […]