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Financial Aid

Last year I got enough scholarship and grant money that I didn’t have to take out any loans.  This year has gone even better, despite not getting the Udall.  In addition to having enough to pay for school, rent, and all my bills through August 2010, I’ll be able to get new glasses (which I […]

A Very Big Hole in the Ground

I live relatively close to the Grand Canyon, and friends and family want to see it when they visit.  This means that I’ve been to the Grand Canyon quite a few times now.  I like that I’ve been able to visit the Grand Canyon through different seasons and in different weather.  I wish I handled […]

Visit Your Local Arboretum!

My town has an arboretum that I’m familiar with mostly because there are several ongoing forest ecology experiments nearby.  I visited the public part once the first year I was here and then again a few weeks ago when my mother was visiting.  I appreciate it a lot more now that I know so much […]

Museum of Northern Arizona

I was really worried about my mom’s visit, but we had a really wonderful time.  She’s changed a lot – she believes that evolution happens.  This is a huge step away from biblical literalism.  Her rejection of creationism meant that she could truly enjoy our trip to the Museum of Northern Arizona. The museum has […]

Berry Go Round!

There’s a new edition of Berry Go Round up at Foothills Fancies.  I particularly liked the Watcher’s posts on spring along an elevational gradient.