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What I’ve Noticed

Pirates: some historical perspective and a bit of context. The ability to synchronize and our ability to cooperate. The World Digital Library.  All kinds of interesting books, maps, and artifacts from around the world. I hope I’m this cool when I’m 100. Similarities between the anti-global warming misinformation campaign and the tobacco industry’s misinformation campaign. […]

Weekly Top 5

I’ll probably be too busy the next few weeks to do any real posting, but here’s some good music to tide you over. Widgets


Outside it is snowing very hard and is very very cold.  Last night the wind blew the ice into the windows so hard I couldn’t sleep.  I am glad to be inside and wrapped up in my coziest sweats and am enjoying my work.  If the deadlines weren’t so soon, I’d be enjoying it more.  […]

A sense of place

I attended a lecture by Robin Kimmerer several weeks ago.  I’ve been frustrated with how people see environmental problems as “not their problem,” but Dr. Kimmerer’s lecture helped me understand both why that occurs and how we could go about helping people understand the relationship between their own lives and the health of the environment […]

Reason #867 we need universal healthcare

The student health center pharmacy is closing due to budget cuts at my university.  The student pharmacy’s prescriptions are generally much much cheaper than other pharmacies in town, especially for birth control.  Since the student health insurance doesn’t cover prescription drugs at all, these discounts really helped me.  Even with those discounts, though, I’m not […]

Letter of recommendation

A couple of months ago I found out about a $4000 scholarship with very narrow eligibility requirements that I fit.  Unfortunately, I found out about it the day before the deadline.  I emailed the scholarship contact and they said, yes, turn it in late.  The scholarship required 3 recommendations.  My two research mentors normally write […]