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R tip

I’ve been learning to use R and it’s been making my job a lot easier.  Sometimes, though, I get stuck on the silliest things.  One problem I ran into very early on was adding more than one set of points to a plot.  Even with the many instructions and examples, I still couldn’t figure this […]

Falling in love

From Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: Kumiko and I felt something for each other from the beginning.  It was not one of those strong, impulsive feelings that can hit two people like an electric shock when they first meet, but something quieter and gentler, like two tiny lights traveling in tandem through a vast […]

Shoes for a bad day

Today it is cold and windy and I have an awful headache and I really don’t know how I’m going to get through all the work I have. These sunny shoes made me feel a little bit better, though.

Weekly Top 5

You’ll notice that this week there are 3 excerpts from Kid Koala’s Your Mom’s Favorite DJ.  It’s the best thing I’ve heard in a very long time and these excerpts do not do it justice.  I haven’t listened to his other albums yet, but I imagine I’ll be raving about them next week. Widgets […]

What I’ve Noticed

What gender expectations do to people. Settlers of Catan really is the perfect board game.  I should buy my own soon. China refuses to participate in an important awareness raising climate change action in order to celebrate “Serf Liberation Day” – when the Dalai Lama was kicked out of Tibet. Oh propaganda. If the Obama […]

Tout Disparaître

Welcome to another edition of What We Killed This Thursday.  Dracaena umbraculifera, Umbrella dracaena, was found on Mauritius in 1797.   It was propagated and grown by plant collectors and is found in several botanic gardens, but has not been seen in the wild since the original description. Mauritius is a fairly remote island with relatively […]