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What I’ve noticed

Obama is considering a drug czar who opposes needle exchange programs.  Needle exchange programs are very effective HIV prevention tools and help slow the spread of of other diseases such as Hepatitis C. Not long before the Transgender Day of Remembrance police brutally beat Duanna Johnson, a transwoman.  She was found dead recently. Sublimefemme links […]


From Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body: Frank had the body of a bull, an image he intensified by wearing great gold hoops through his nipples. Unfortunately, he had joined the hoops with a chain of heavy gold links. The effect should have been deeply butch but in fact in looked rather like the handle […]

Prescription Drugs

So I need to start taking a certain medication again.  I was on this drug for quite some time several years ago, then off it for the past few.  I was hoping I’d never have to take it again, but my body has other ideas. The only health insurance I can afford is through the […]


From Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body: My job was to go into the urinals wearing one of Inge’s stockings over my head.  That in itself might not have attracted much attention, men’s toilets are fairly liberal places, but then I had to warn the row of guys that they were in danger of having […]

An open letter

Dear mathematicians publishing in journals, Saying “clearly” and “obviously” does not make your work any more clear or obvious. Sincerely, A confused reader