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What I’ve noticed


While much of the news has focused on foreigners in Mumbai, Indians have borne the brunt of the attacks.

SublimeFemme weighs in on the gay-marriage issue – I agree with her:

But why should anyone have to be married in order to have access to a basic human right like health care?  I would like to see queers participating in a larger conversation about economic benefits and justice for all–one that recognizes the diversity of families, partnerships and households rather than requires people to conform to the traditional nuclear family (which is no longer a norm for most Americans, anyway).  Furthermore, for marriage equality to be inclusive of intersex, genderqueer and transgender people, marriage rights cannot be contingent on narrow definitions of sex, which the “same-sex marriage” movement has largely failed to interrogate.

Pharyngula points out yet another example of “real” Christian behavior:

After contacting the ACLU and filing a lawsuit, Bell and McCord became the subjects of hatred and even violence. Bell’s house was burned down by a firebomb. McCord’s 12-year-old son’s prize goats were slashed and mutilated with a knife. Bell was assaulted by a school cafeteria worker who smashed her head repeatedly against a car door. (School authorities praised the cafeteria worker, and she was forced to pay a $10 fine and Bell’s hospital bills, community residents raised donations on the assailant’s behalf.) McCord and Bell were both mailed their own obituaries.

The bailout is really, really, really, really, really, really, really expensive.

Arkansas may have made it illegal for queers to adopt and foster children, but Florida has just overturned such a ban.

Sarah Palin the poet.


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